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    Smartphone Battery Capacity & Duration

    Smartphone Battery Capacity & Duration


    Check out your phone to see how much power is required and how long it lasts.


    Battery Capacity

    Use Duration

    iPhone XS Max

    3,174 mAh

    11h 56m

    iPhone XS

    2,658 mAh

    12h 14m

    iPhone XR

    2,942 mAh

    14h 19m

    iPhone X

    2,716 mAh

    14h 44m

    iPhone 8 Plus

    2,675 mAh

    14h 30m

    iPhone 8

    1,821 mAh

    16h 13m

    iPhone 7 Plus

    2,900 mAh

    20h 12m

    iPhone 7

    1,960 mAh

    17h 23m

    iPhone 6s Plus

    2,750 mAh

    14h 58m

    iPhone 6s

    1,715 mAh

    11h 18m

    iPhone SE

    1,960 mAh

    16h 46m

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7

    3,500 mAh

    21h 57m

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    3,600 mAh

    18h 42m

    Samsung Galaxy S7

    3,600 mAh

    17h 48m

    OnePlus 3

    3,000 mAh

    16h 56m

    Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

    2,800 mAh

    16h 27m

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

    2,550 mAh

    15h 33m

    Samsun Galaxy A5

    2,300 mAh

    15h 26m

    Motorola Moto X Force

    3,760 mAh

    15h 12m

    Samsung Galaxy A3

    1,900 mAh

    14h 48m


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