Five Reasons To Choose USB-C

USB Type-C is becoming part of every phone’s spec sheet. 

Did you ask? 

1. It’s reversible it easily fits into the devises port.  Both sides are the same.  No fumbling around with the cord to get the right side up.    

2. It is the future of charging cables.  It’s becoming the standard port connection.  

3. It’s versatile It’s not just for charging and data transfer.  See below 

  • Use USB for charging the device itself

  • Use the device as a power supply for another USB-C device 

  • Use it for MTP file transfers

  • Use it for PTP photo transfers

  • Use it for USB-C for MIDI input.   

4. One cable to rule them all.  USB accessories have long been able to provide the kind of functionality above for a variety of devices, but now it’s as simple as plugging in one universal cable and use for all your mobile devices.